Own in Ogden

Own in Ogden

The Own in Ogden Program is a great program for many people buying a home in Ogden.  In order to qualify for the program there are a few requirements.  I will take you through each of these requirements shortly.

Application approval for Own in Ogden

Program information

The program gives home buyers a zero interest loan for $3,000.  The amount may be as high as $5,000 in targeted areas.  Ogden City Firefighters and Police Officers may receive up to $10,000 if they purchase a home in the target area of Ogden City.

The $5,000 area is the easiest to define.  The $5,000 money is available for homes purchased between harrison Blvd & Washington Blvd and between 30th Street and 20th Street.

The $3,000 area is larger.  Almost all properties between Wall Ave & Harrison Blvd and 12th Street & 36th Street are within the target area.  There is a very small section near harrison and 12th street that will not qualify.  Additionally, there are several homes below Wall Avenue that will also qualify.  Please see the map for details on the areas that qualify.

Own in Ogden Program money may be used toward down payment, closing costs or principle reductions on the first mortgage only.

Income requirements for the Own in Ogden Program are listed below.

Number of people in the household

Own in Ogden Income Requirements

   People in Household

   Max Income

















When calculating income you must use the income of ALL people that will be living in the household that are over the age of 18.  This is true even if they will not be on the mortgage or title of the property.


Own in Ogden Grant

Own in Ogden Grant Program


Properties must be inside the Own in Ogden Boundaries. The current boundary area is from the south side of 12th st. to the Ogden River and from the west side of Monroe to the east side of Wall Avenue, then from the Ogden River to the north side of thirty-sixth Street  and from Harrison Blvd.West to the City limits. The loan amount in the overall target area is $3,000.

Ownership/Residency: Buyers must be have fee simple title to the home after closing, and must use the property as their primary residence throughout the term of the Own in Ogden loan.

Manufactured Housing: Manufactured housing must have tax parcel id, be located on a permanent foundation and have utility hookups in compliance with Ogden City Code requirements.

Purchase Price: Dependent on the source of funding, the initial purchase price of the property cannot exceed $263,388 for single unit, $296,658 for a duplex, $360,425 for a triplex, and $415,875 for a four- plex. Multi-unit dwellings are allowed only if the Buyer(s) will reside in one of the units as their primary residence, and an existing tenant is not displaced to create that vacancy. Property values will be confirmed by an appraisal submitted to the Own in Ogden Administrator.

Zoning: The home being purchased must be zoned residential and used as a primary residence. Non- conforming uses or other types of property zoning will not be allowed. Buyers purchasing properties with unresolved code enforcement citations will not be eligible to receive Own in Ogden assistance until all citations have been resolved.

Specified Target Neighborhoods: (where $5,000 loans are available): East Central, the city blocks from 20th Street on the north to 30th Street on the south between Washington Boulevard and Harrison Boulevard, including both sides of those four streets.


Additional information about home buying and the Own in Ogden down payment assistance offered by the federal government ( Specifically HUD ) can be found here HUD 

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